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Cool Things the Digital Repository DOCS@RWU Can Do

by Mary Wu, Digital Scholarship and Metadata Librarian

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Did you know that the Library has had a digital repository called DOCS@RWU since 2006? DOCS@RWU is a library service that provides open access to an online collection of scholarly and creative works produced by faculty, students and other members of the RWU community. It currently hosts 3,049 papers and other materials in multi-media format, including but not limited to online journals, faculty publications, student theses, and image galleries. Thanks to its rich and interesting content, DOCS@RWU has yielded 400,894 full-text downloads to date since its inauguration. As a matter of fact, there are many ways for DOCS@RWU to boost scholarly communication and to showcase your research as well as academic achievements. We will introduce to you one amazing thing about DOCS@RWU every month this year to demonstrate why DOCS@RWU should matter to you!


#1 DOCS@RWU: A Showcase for RWU Student Work


The collection of scholarly and creative works of RWU students is a centerpiece of DOCS@RWU. Currently, 245 papers are available in the RWU Theses collection, which includes: Capstone Projects, Honors Theses, Master Theses, and Senior Theses. The RWU Community Partnerships Center (CPC) also maintains a presence on the DOCS@RWU platform. The CPC Collection exhibits final reports documenting projects completed by RWU students to benefit the local community. Additionally, a number of student publications have been digitized and are now accessible online through DOCS@RWU. They are: Hawk’s Eye, Hawk’s Herald, The Messenger, The Quill/, and the literary journal, Aldebaran. Publicizing student work on DOCS@RWU provides students with a visible and lasting place to showcase their academic achievements with potential employers, graduate schools, parents and peers. It also shows prospective students around the globe what kind of education they can expect to receive at RWU.


As colleges and universities across the country answer the call for student research and experiential learning, digital repositories on many campuses have become an essential part of the effort. Below are a few examples of digital repositories that facilitate and showcase student research:


The Journal of Purdue Research at Purdue University publishes the best research papers written by undergraduates who have collaborated with faculty.


The Undergraduate Economic Review is a student-led publication that aims to improve student learning outcomes and prepare for research careers at Illinois Wesleyan University.


The Montana Tech Student Research Day Projects shows off the results of service-based learning with its annual undergraduate research day at Highlands College, Butte, Montana.


If you would like to include your work in DOCS@RWU, or use the platform to publish, please contact Mary Wu (mwu@rwu.edu), the Digital Scholarship/Metadata Librarian.


Stay tuned for the next cool thing that DOCS@RWU can do for you!