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Scholars at Risk

by Adam Braver, Writer-in-Residence

Last semester, the Scholars at Risk (SAR) students launched an internal visual campaign that showed photos of them with duct taped mouths, asking the question about how would one feel if his/her freedom of expression were taken away. In an effort to expand upon the poster campaign, our students designed an ambitious plan to extend it to other universities. Following a meeting in New York with the SAR leadership, we developed the #free2think campaign (which utilizes SAR’s hashtag). It was tested out internally at RWU, and once it met mutually met ours and SAR’s standards, it was taken nationally on December 2, 2015. Out students are reaching out to students at other campuses, people in their communities, etc., while SAR will begin reaching out to people internationally (and throughout their network) — all asking people to show what they are most grateful to be free2think about. Poster will be posted on SAR’s website and Facebook page, as well as on the RWU-SAR Facebook page and other social media.