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Building with Light: the Legacy of Robert Elwall

By John Schlinke, Architecture/Art Librarian


How did the noted architectural photographer Ezra Stoller capture on film the design ideas contained in a line of modern, prefabricated homes? How did the manufacturer of the homes choose to represent those same ideas in its print advertising? How does the “space” of modern architecture translate into the “white space” of modern graphic design? These were some of the central questions addressed in a paper presented by Associate Professor John Schlinke, Architecture/Art Librarian, at an international symposium on architectural photography titled “Building With Light: The Legacy of Robert Elwall.”


The symposium, convened by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) at its London headquarters this past November, honored the memory of photographic curator and historian Robert Frederick Elwall. Elwall joined the RIBA Library in 1976 and over a period of three decades built the Photographs Collection into a repository of 1.5 million images, an unparalleled resource of architectural photography. In recognition of his life’s work, when Elwall died in 2012, the RIBA Library named the collection in his honor.


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