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Cool Things the Digital Repository DOCS@RWU Can Do

by Mary Wu, Digital Scholarship and Metadata Librarian


Did you know that the Library has had a digital repository called DOCS@RWU since 2006? DOCS@RWU is a library service that provides open access to an online collection of scholarly and creative works produced by faculty, students, and other members of the RWU community. It currently hosts 3,049 papers and other materials in multi-media format, including but not limited to online journals, faculty publications, student theses, and image galleries. Thanks to its rich and interesting content, DOCS@RWU has had 400,894 full-text downloads since its inauguration. As a matter of fact, there are many ways for DOCS@RWU to boost scholarly communication and to showcase your research and academic achievements. We will highlight one amazing thing about DOCS@RWU every month this year to demonstrate why DOCS@RWU should matter to you!

#2 DOCS@RWU: A Showcase for Faculty Work

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 10.58.06 AMDOCS@RWU broadcasts faculty scholarship to a much broader audience than is available through typical publishing venues. It also gives faculty a forum to share research with colleagues and fellow researchers around the world. There are currently 430 papers authored by RWU faculty members from a variety of disciplines in DOCS@RWU. One of the advantages of having your papers in DOCS@RWU is the monthly statistics report on full-text downloads delivered to you automatically. Additionally, the Author Dashboard is a personalized reporting tool for DOCS@RWU authors available via each author’s My Account page. The Author Dashboard allows authors to view download counts in real time, learn which search terms were used to find their work, and discover which institutions accessed their work. These usage statistics are a handy way for you to track the impact of your scholarship, so please create your DOCS@RWU account if you have not done so in the My Account page.


Colleges and universities across the country are doing many amazing and exciting things with digital repositories in addition to publicizing research and scholarship. Below are a few examples of how other colleges and universities make class lectures, curricula, and research materials in multimedia more accessible through digital repositories:


Expedition: Yellowstone! Starrs Curriculum Materials at the University of Wyoming provides both background information and lesson plans on its digital repository to enhance the curriculum.


The collection of Organic Chemistry Lectures at Utah State University makes class lectures public by providing downloadable online videos through its digital repository.


The collection of Visual & Performing Arts Faculty Music Gallery at Fairfield University presents both live and recorded faculty musical performances.


U.S. National Tick Collection is an image gallery of various types of ticks collected by James H. Oliver Jr., Institute of Coastal Plain Science at Georgia Southern University.


If you would like to include your work in DOCS@RWU, or use the platform to publish, please contact Mary Wu (mwu@rwu.edu), the Digital Scholarship/Metadata Librarian.

Stay tuned for the next cool thing that DOCS@RWU can do for you! Also check out the January Connections for #1 DOCS@RWU: A Showcase for RWU Student Work.