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Essential Tips for Taking Exams on Bridges

By Linda Beith, Director of Instructional Design

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As the end of the semester approaches students may be asked to take a final exam on Bridges. Here are some tips to assure a successful submission:
1.       Use a reliable Internet connection – preferably wired. Wireless connections, especially in a residence hall, can drop unexpectedly and cause a disconnection from the exam.
2.      Avoid using a mobile device – use a wired laptop or desktop computer
3.      Don’t open multiple browser windows
4.      Use Bridges built-in navigation – don’t use the browser’s back button. If exam questions are set up on individual pages, use the supplied Next and Back buttons in the exam. Note: if there are no options for Next and Back buttons this means it is not allowed to return to a question. In this case any attempt to use the browser’s back button will cause the exam to disconnect.
5.      Use Chrome or Firefox browsers as the most dependable
6.      Pay attention to any time limits set on the test
7.      Save your work often. If the test displays one question per page always click on Save before moving to the next screen. Until the exam is submitted for grading a question can be changed at any time. If the test displays multiple questions on a page or if there is an essay question included periodically scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save. There is a timeout period on Bridges of 90 minutes so clicking Save often keeps the system from logging out.
8.      Wait for the Submission Confirmation that is generated when the Submit for Grading button at the end of the exam is clicked to make sure all the answers are saved.

For more in-depth information please review the Essential Tips for Taking Online Tests. If you have any questions about taking exams on Bridges please contact the Instructional Design team at 401-254-3187 or via email at id@rwu.edu.