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Bookbub: Free Books for All!

By Lindsey Gumb, Instructional Technology Librarian


Hopefully by now you know that you can borrow books from the University Library (you do know that, right!?), but did you also know there’s another great resource that provides free and discounted e-books for you to download directly to your e-reader? Introducing, BookBub, a service that will send you daily emails with either free or greatly discounted ($.99-$2.99) e-books that can be instantly downloaded to any device (think Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Android). The best part: even the free books are yours to keep! That’s right, unlike borrowing titles from the library, these books are yours to enjoy forever. The expert editorial staff at Bookbub serves up bestsellers and noteworthy reads every single day, but don’t hesitate if a book catches your eye! These deals are limited-time offers and usually expire within a few days. Bookbub is free to join, and you can edit your preferences to match the type of deals you’re interested in receiving, with dozens of categories to choose from. Biographies? Check. Sci-fi? Check. Romance? Check. Cookbooks? Check!


With your busy class schedules it may seem like pleasure reading is a thing of the past, but when things calm down, why not let Bookbub select and deliver your first free read; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.