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President’s Day and the race to the White House



The 2016 presidential election cycle is one of the most unusual in many years, with a large field of Republican contenders, including a multibillionaire celebrity businessman and a neurosurgeon, and a Democratic field with an avowed democratic socialist and a former governor of Rhode Island–and women on each side of the partisan divide.  The fields are narrowing as we move towards spring, but all predictions are that the nominees will not be determined until early summer.   And, although all eyes are on the presidential race, there will be a lot going on at the congressional, state and local level as congressmembers, state legislators and local town council and school committee contests will be on the November ballot.   Members of the RWU community can get involved by staying informed (check out the Libguide), registering to vote, voting in the primary and general elections, working with the College Republicans or College Democrats, or helping out a campaign.


THANK YOU- #NewHampshire #TrumpTrain #Trump2016

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Make sure to take part in our mock vote via the Libguide! http://rwu.libguides.com/PresRace2016



New Hampshire, are you ready for a political revolution? #nhprimary #politics

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We’re coalescing courageous conservatives in the countdown to caucus. Join us: tedcruz.org #CruzinToCaucus

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