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Meet The Learning Commons: Three Libraries

By Alexis den Boggende, Connections Intern



Roger Williams University has a vast collection of books and journals which are kept in the three libraries on campus: Architecture, Law and the University Library. Each library has something special to offer, whether it is through its collections, or the knowledge and help that our librarians have to offer Roger Williams students.


The Architecture Library is a beautiful library open to all students, not just Architecture and Historic Preservation students. It’s a good study space, located across from the Main Library. The library houses more than 24,000 books, and computers that allow everyone access to the collections. Students may also be interested in the periodicals and journals that the Architecture Library has to offer, which totals more than 200 titles. Additionally, students may use the online databases from the University Libraries website. Here, they will discover links to databases by major, which includes Architecture and Urban Design, Art and Architectural History, and Historic Preservation. These databases provide a multitude of scholarly articles and academic databases that students may access easily. The Architecture Library is open all week and has extended hours during finals.


The University Library is the center of all things literary on campus. It is open daily and has extended hours during finals. With a new Information Desk and a separate MediaTech desk for technology help, there are a lot of great resources at the University Library. MediaTech will help you with technical issues with your laptop, phone, and more and has a small collection of equipment for check-out. If a student needs a desktop computer, the University Library can help–there are many computers on all three floors that any student may use, along with printing, scanning, and copy services. The many talented librarians at the University Library will help you locate appropriate books and periodicals for your research assignment. There are more than 220,000 books in the University Library. The library has three levels: first floor, for group collaboration on projects that may require talking and socializing. The second floor is for quiet study sessions, with minimal talking. The third floor is reserved for silence, which provides a great place to sit down and get work done, whether it be reading for class or writing a paper. Each floor offers incredible study spaces, like private cubicles, couches and private study rooms for group projects. The new Mary Tefft White Cultural Center is a beautiful addition to the University Library, where distinguished speakers often come and give lectures. Often, the library holds exhibits, with past exhibits of Truman Capote and Nathaniel Philbrick including archival materials and their work. Like the Architecture Library, students may also search the library catalog online and explore its many databases.



The Law Library is open to all, not just law students. It is a great spot for legal research, with over 200,000 volumes that are open for students to use, along with a online databases that may also be of help. The Law Library offers more than 10 study rooms that students may use for individual study or group projects, along with computers that they can access research on as well. The library houses multitude of legal documents that students should take advantage of, including state and federal documents and reports, documents and records from the Supreme Court and other government documents.