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January 2017

Tech News: New Features for Panopto in 2017

 by Linda Beith, Director of Center for Scholarship, Assessment, Learning, Teaching & Technology

The Panopto video creation and streaming system has become a favorite tool for many faculty, students and staff for its ease of use. Anyone can create a narrated video of anything on their computer screen using just two buttons – Record and Stop.


Panopto is constantly improving their software and their latest release this month has some impressive additions including:

  1. INTERACTIVE QUIZZINGOptions include:
    • Inserting interactive quiz questions into any video
    • Allowing learners to retake a quiz
    • Showing learners their grade at the end of the quiz
    • Allowing learners to review correct answers and explanations
    • Prevent learners from watching the rest of the video until they take the quiz

  1. CAPTIONING – Addition of automatic speech recognition technology quickly turns a voice narration into closed captions that can be edited (and the captions are pretty accurate – greater than 70 %)! This allows users to quickly make their videos ADA compliant. Users can also edit the captions and customize the color, position and size of the video captions during playback.
  2. IMPROVED VIDEO EDITING– now includes custom preview images and support for working with slide decks. This means that you can select a custom thumbnail for the preview image for a video.
  3. New SLIDES tab in the editor allows a user to add individual slides to any point in a video.
  4. SMART SEARCH, which allows for a quick search of the narration in a video, has been expanded to include German and Spanish languages.
  5. Webcasting to more mobile devices – live streaming can now reach over 95% of all mobile device platforms with live video.

For more information on these new features, please see What’s New in Panopto 5.3?


If you would like assistance with any of these new features, please contact the CSALT2 /Instructional Design and Technologies team at id@rwu.edu or phone 401-254-3187.


Upcoming Books

Apollo in the Grass, Selected Poems by Aleksandr Kushner

Translated by Carol Ueland and Robert Carnevale

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

July 2015


Mostly written after the fall of the Soviet Union, Aleksandr Kushner’s Apollo in the Grass presents poems that, for the most part, are published in English for the very first time. After a brief introduction from the translators, this collection displays poems with traditional form but with highly provocative content, diving into an everyday world filled with both the mythical and historical. Some poems are without titles while others have headings, titles, and dedications.


I Am Flying Into Myself, Selected Poems by Bill Knott

Edited by Thomas Lux

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

February 2017


Bill Knot was an American poet who was known for his satire, hatred of clichés, and lyrical poetry. This collection, I Am Flying Into Myself, includes poems written between the years of 1960 and 2014, his year of death. The poems vary in length, form, and punctuation.


A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in the Trash, Book by Alexander Masters

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

October 2016


Two friends of Alexander Masters came across 148 handwritten notebooks one day in an old trashcan. The friends dumped them on Masters’ front step and he got to work creating the book A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in the Trash. Some of the notebooks were filled with useless notes, some were falling apart, and others had the royal emblems of George VI on them. Each held a unique story and Masters catalogued them all in this masterful biography about the lives of anonymous people.

Announcing the 17th Annual Birss Memorial Program

New Library System is Live!

By  Betsy Learned, Dean of University Libraries

The University Library has completed its migration to a new library system, Worldshare Management Services (WMS). WMS Discovery is our library catalog and discovery service.  The tips below should help you learn to navigate your way through the changes. Since you will now be searching and have access to libraries across the country, as opposed to only the HELIN Consortium libraries, you may need help searching specific titles or topics. If so, please contact the Information Desk at x3375 or your library liaison for assistance.

1.   Please search WMS from the library homepage at http://library.rwu.edu or go directly to the Discovery search screen at https://rwulibrary.on.worldcat.org/.  (The former HELIN catalog link will no longer work.) Advanced searching options are available.

2.   In a single search, you can find items at the RWU Library, the HELIN libraries, and libraries beyond – and request those items be sent to RWU for your use. Be sure to use the facets on the left side of the results screen to focus your search. Because you are searching so many libraries, you will need to limit the search through the facets.

3.   Authentication from off-campus is your RWU single sign on—your username plus your domain (i.e. jsmith123@academics.rwu) and your default password.  This is the same login you use for the RWU Portal.

4.   Please let a library staff member know if something doesn’t seem to be working correctly or if you need help using the new system. Contact Us

Developing and Implementing Affordable Excellence with OER

Kelly Donnell from the School of Education, Lindsey Gumb from the University Library and Linda Beith from the Center for Scholarship, Assessment, Learning, Teaching & Technology co-presented at the New England Faculty Development Consortium’s Annual Fall Conference on November 18, 2016 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. The theme of the conference was Civic Engagement and Service Learning.

The trio’s interactive, 55-minute presentation was entitled: Developing and Implementing Affordable Excellence with OER. The focus was on the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) for both K-12 and higher education institutions to provide meaningful access to effective technology, current, high-quality texts, and Common Core State Standard resources. RWU’s OER Fellows program was introduced with examples of projects underway and OER collections under development.

Save The Dates for the Spring Semester of Mary Tefft White Cultural Center Lecture Series

Save the Dates for The Mary Tefft White Cultural Center Lecture Series – featuring Tom Shea, Manjula Padmanabhan and Rick Moody.


Download the pdf here Talkinginthelibrary2016_Spring