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2017 Visiting Distinguished writer – Rick Moody

by Adam Braver, Author-in-Residence and Coordinator of Literary Programming (University Libraries) Associate Professor (Creative Writing)


The fifth annual Bermont Fellowship in Fiction and Nonfiction took place over April 2-3, 2017. The program, administered through the University Library and endowed by an alumnus, brings a distinguished visiting writer to the campus community for two days–both to give a workshop to students who have been selected through a blind submissions process, and to give a public reading.

The 2017 Visiting Distinguished writer was Rick Moody.


Hosted by Kathy Quinn, Moody worked with four students (Nicole Andresen ’19, Alexis den Boggende ’17, Hannah Little ’20, and Adrienne Wooster ’19), as well as alumnus Bradley Bermont. The following evening, in partnership with RWU’s Talking in the Library series, Moody gave a public reading at Rogers Free Library.


In addition to the generosity of the Bermont family, the fellowship weekend also was supported by Kathy Quinn and the Anthony Quinn Foundation, the Mary Tefft White Talking in the Library series, and Rogers Free Library’s Friends of the Library and their Jane Bodell endowment.


See Rick Moody’s full reading below:

Video Courtesy of RWUEDU